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19 longhouses receive food aid

19 longhouses receive food aid

KUCHING: A total of 19 longhouses in Julau and Pakan in Sarikei Division received food aid to help alleviate their burden during the movement control order (MCO) period.

Among the longhouses involved in Julau are Rh Badak; Rh Robert Unting; Rh Simba; Rh Jelian, Ng Selilin; Rh Sang, Seledang; Rh Mong, Wong Keredat; Rh Mary, Ijit; Rh Sima; Rh Andi, Lubok Besai; and Rh Ngumbang, Ng Dong.

The other nine longhouses from Pakan are Rh Ganda, Manding; Rh Ranggak, Manding Baru; Rh Kilat, Tugong; Rh Ragai, Rantau Jerenang; Rh Banyan, Sugai; Rh Empi, Tanjong; Rh James, Darau; Rh Empeni Ak Ubit, Sg Rusa; and Rh Assun, Bayong.

Each unit of the 19 rooms was given a pack of rice (5kg) and cooking oil (1kg), said Julau MP Larry Sng.

“I know this is not a huge project, but many have been asking for my help and this is what we can do so far. A lot of them are poor, disabled, old and have no transport to withdraw money.

“So, I had to use my own funds to purchase all these things. As long as they are from here and are in need, I will help them,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday night.

Sng said that this month he will be receiving his full funding as an MP to help alleviate the burden of the poor following the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I hope at this point of time, we as Malaysians can help each other, without any regard for race and political affiliations.

“Let us pray that Covid-19 will wipe itself off the face of the earth,” he said.


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