2022 Subaru BRZ featured in new Gymkhana 11 trailer – Travis Pastrana’s modified WRX STI gets detailed

2022 Subaru BRZ featured in new Gymkhana 11 trailer - Travis Pastrana's modified WRX STI gets detailed

Gymkhana 11 is set to debut really soon, but before that, there’s a trailer to give us some idea of what to expect. If you’ve watched the previous instalment in the series, you’re in for a treat as there’s plenty of controlled mayhem that will take place.

Based on the trailer, Pastrana will pilot a heavily modified WRX STI around his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland in the United States. In some of the action shots shown, we see the souped-up Subie sliding around, jumping over water and being accompanied by a stunt plane as well.

Even the latest, second-generation BRZ makes an appearance on the docks, engaged in a spot of tandem drifting with its all-wheel drive sibling. However, where the BRZ packs a stock engine under the bonnet, Pastrana’s ride is a lot more complex.

After the trailer concludes, we are taken on a guided tour of the WRX STI that will star in the latest Gymkhana film. Decked out in full Hoonigan livery, the car also wears some serious aero components, which is derived from rallycross, as explained by Dan Anctil, director of motorsports at Subaru USA and Vermont SportsCar.

According to Anctil, the aero package must enable the car to stay planted during high-speed manoeuvres but also enable it to perform controlled jumps. This includes fitting an active rear wing that can be raised or lowered by Pastrana via a button on the steering wheel, adding or removing downforce at the rear to keep things balanced.

He adds that the car came fresh from the factory before undergoing modifications to have a shorter wheelbase and wider track, with a few parts like the lights and front doors being retained. However, all body panels are made from carbon-fibre, including the flat underbody covers.

Of course, one of the highlights of the car is its engine, which is moved back by eight inches to bring the weight as close to the middle of the car as possible – ditto the Sadev six-speed sequential transmission.

The billet EJ engine uses a rallycross-derived crankshaft, an anti-lag system and has a displacement of 2.3 litres, generating 869 hp together with a large turbocharger and race fuel. Those exhausts are also bespoke and sport STI branding on them – the latter 3D printed from Inconel. Anctil also says the engine has been highly reliable ever since it was bolted together, as it has survived chassis and engine dyno testing, as well as high-speed testing, jump testing and filming.

A stripped-out interior is fitted with a custom roll cage and a whole bevy of electronic systems to keep an eye on all vehicle systems, including providing diagnostic data. A separate telemetry system also provides info on drift angles and vehicle speed – the latter is important during the jump sequence. It’s certainly quite a machine, and we’ll get to see it in action when Gymkhana 11 is released later on YouTube.

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