31 Festive Cocktails: One for Each Day Left in 2020

Three photos side by side. To the left is a glass mug of Hot Buttered Rum, in the center are three flutes of Chamb' and Bubbly. To the right is a glass mug of hot mulled wine.

I always look forward to December and this year I want to celebrate even more. It’s finally the LAST MONTH OF 2020!! It’s been a long year folks, and I am more than happy to show 2020 the door. Grab a glass and let’s sip our way through this month.

I don’t know about you but our liquor cabinet is much better stocked than it was in 2019 and I’m not mad about it. What to do with all that liquor? Cocktails of course.

The only trick to creating 2020 sustaining cocktails is a variety of liquors and a few essential tools:

  • cocktail shaker or canning jar with a lid
  • muddler
  • strainer
  • ice cube trays

I also recommend keeping simple syrup on hand to avoid waiting for the syrup to chill before mixing up your favorite drink.

Let’s celebrate the end of 2020 with a variety of classic and seasonal cocktails. Cheers!

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