4 million French workers are on partial unemployment benefits, and the number is rising

Photo source: CNN. A person is seen on an escalator on March 19 at the Halles shopping mall in Paris, where shops are closed. Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

There are now 4 million French employees on partial unemployment support and the number is still “strongly increasing,” France’s Labor Minister Muriel Pénicaud said Thursday.

Under the scheme, firms can reduce their activity while asking the state for compensation to be redistributed to employees.

Employees on the minimum wage or in a part-time job will receive 100% of their usual salary, the minister said.

Other employees will receive 84% of their salary, Pénicaud added.

The partial unemployment system should enable the country to recover as quickly as possible after the crisis, as it maintains the link between employers and employees, French PM Edouard Philippe explained on Wednesday.