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64% of Covid-19 patients in Sabah are men

64% of Covid-19 patients in Sabah are men

KOTA KINABALU: Sixty-four percent of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) patients in Sabah are men, while the remaining 36 percent are women.

Sabah Health director Datuk Dr Christina Rundi said the age of Covid-19 patients ranged from one to 80 years old.

According to the State Health Department’s analysis, 19 to 40-year-olds constitute 41.5 percent of the patients, followed by 41 to 55-year-olds (28.4 pc), six to 18-year-olds (10.8 pc), above 55 years old (16 pc) and below five years old (3.3 pc).

Meanwhile, Dr Rundi said all 22 Covid-19 cases in Kinabatangan were under the Seri Petaling tabligh cluster.

She said nine of the cases had attended the tabligh gathering, 10 cases were first-generation infections (including the three new cases), two were second-generation infections and one was third-generation infection.

Three of the new positive cases reported in Sabah on Sunday were in Kinabatangan.

Four districts in the State have recorded 100 percent recoveries, namely Kota Belud (5), Sipitang (4), Ranau (2) and Semporna (2).

On a separate matter, Dr Rundi said the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Service (MHPSS) team had provided intervention to 8,751 individuals as of April 19.

She said 6,223 phone calls had been made and 6,341 individuals were registered in the WhatsApp social network to ease the sharing of infographic, whereas 5,454 individuals had been given psychoeducation.

On another note, she said the activities that needed to be conducted in districts categorized as red zone were active case detection (ACD), targeted screening, self-monitoring either by oneself, family and employers to ensure everyone played their role in curbing the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak.

She said the aforementioned activities were also carried out in all districts with Covid-19 cases irrespective of their zone status.

Dr Rundi said the State Health Department would continue to conduct ACD among contacts of Covid-19 patients.

“Through the ACD activity, the department has successfully detected asymptomatic contacts who could infect other people.

“Majority of the contacts of the tabligh cluster and healthcare workers were detected through ACD, many of whom are asymptomatic.”

She added that the department had and would conduct targeted screening in localities such as housing estates and plantations with high number of cases.


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