9 most popular Chinese idioms with the word ‘tiger’ in them


The (*9*) have many auspicious tiger-themed sayings which have basic connotations of energy, energy, status, boldness, bravery, braveness, well being, expertise and vigour.

Here are amongst the most well-known ones:

Long zheng hu dou (A combat between a dragon and a tiger)

A battle between two equally matched forces.

Long jing hu meng (As energetic as a dragon and as vigorous as a tiger)

To describe any person sturdy and wholesome or want somebody good well being.

Hu hu sheng wei (The energy and status of a tiger)

To describe any person with these qualities or want somebody effectively.

Cang lengthy wo hu (Hidden dragons, crouching tigers)

A spot with hid abilities, low-profile specialists or under-estimated geniuses.

Jiu niu er hu zhi li (The energy of 9 bulls and two tigers)

Having super energy or utilizing herculean efforts.

Chu sheng niu du bu pa hu (A new child calf has no worry of tigers)

The younger are unfazed by nice challenges.

Bu ru hu xue, yan de hu zi (You can’t catch a tiger cub with out venturing right into a tigress’ den)

One must be courageous and take dangers in order to succeed.

Diao hu li shan (To lure a tiger away from its mountain)

To use a decoy as a method.

Hu jia hu wei (The fox exploits the tiger’s may)

To benefit from a superior energy to attain one thing.

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