Actor Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin becomes a ‘health buff’ after training for ‘The Assistant’


Adrian Teh’s newest movie The Assistant (out at cinemas since May 19) has loads of motion that it garnered an 18+ score for violence and language.

However, Teh described it as greater than an motion movie.

“Yes, it is an action-packed movie, but there are so many other elements in the film. Only 40% of the duration is pure action. The focus is more on the drama and character development,” he mentioned.

For that motive, Paskal: The Movie and Wira director knew he wanted a first-rate actor for the primary position of Zafik.

And after all, an actor who’s prepared to place within the work for the motion scenes.

Teh said that actor Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin ticked all the fitting bins.

The director elaborated: “I think Iedil is an underexposed talent in Malaysia… I have seen his films, so I have no doubt when it came to his acting.

“The audition was held via Zoom and when I saw him, I knew straight away he was the perfect fit for Zafik. And I cast him not long after.”

The Assistant tells the story of Zafik (Iedil) who is shipped to jail for 10 years for a crime he didn’t commit.

While serving time, he’s knowledgeable in regards to the deaths of his spouse and son however not who killed them or why.

Zafik comes out of jail a damaged man. That’s when he meets Feroz (Hairul Azreen), who places him on a path crammed with violence.

Zafik has a lot on his mind as he walks the path of vengeance.Zafik has a lot on his thoughts as he walks the trail of vengeance.

Iedil mentioned: “Like Adrian said, yes there is a lot of action but 60% (of The Assistant) is drama. The character Zafik has a lot of layers to him because he’s gone through a number of things in his life.

“Like any other film, I discussed with the director what he wanted. And there was a lot of research that went into playing him, and understanding the psyche of the character.

“My main challenge in portraying Zafik was finding out who he is and what he wants.”

The other uphill task that Iedil faced was the action scenes. The 38-year-old – who started acting at the age of 14 – has a long list of works to his credit but none that required him to fight.

“I am not an action star. This is the first time I am in an action movie, so I had to learn everything from scratch,” mentioned the actor of critically acclaimed movies equivalent to Pekak, One Two Jaga and Fly By Night.

“As an actor, you somehow need to try new things. And if you’ve been given an opportunity to do it with a production team that has a proven track record of doing an action film, you take it,” he reasoned.

Iedil underwent the rigorous health regime alongside co-stars Hairul and Henley Hii. He adopted the strict dietary programme and memorised all of the motion choreography.

Iedil attends the 24th Udine Far East Film Festival, where 'The Assistant' was screened. Iedil attends the twenty fourth Udine Far East Film Festival, the place ‘The Assistant’ was screened.

Teh said: “No one is born with action skills. I asked Iedil if he was willing to commit to playing the role.

“As long as the actor is willing to commit, and he puts in the effort, I can work with him.

“And Iedil committed fully. To see his body transformation from first day of training to the day we started shooting, it was a joy to watch for me.”

Likewise Hairul was fast to notice that he was simply as impressed with how laborious Iedil skilled for the position.

“He never missed any of his sessions, which is the most important part of doing an action movie. And I can safely say that after three months of training, Iedil can fight like a pro.

“Of course, when he first started he was unsure but, after a month he started showing great improvements. By the end, he was in excellent form,” said Hairul.

Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin and wife Indonesian actress and martial artist Prisia Nasution on the red carpet for the premiere of The Assistant in Malaysia. Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin and wife Indonesian actress and martial artist Prisia Nasution on the red carpet for the premiere of The Assistant in Malaysia.

Doing all the physical preparation exhilarated Iedil so much so that he told StarLifestyle he has become somewhat of a “health buff”.

When requested if his spouse – Indonesian actress and martial artist Prisia Nasution – was shocked when she noticed his transformation, Iedil shared: “Well, I hadn’t seen her for about nine months, so the change was obvious (to her).”

Teh teased: “I am actually pushing him to close the gap between he and his wife, because she can fight, and now they have more things in common.”

Laughing, Iedil elaborated: “She is a silat athlete,” earlier than including, “I go to the gym now, thanks to this production. It has inspired me to work out more after seeing Hairul’s physique in this movie.”

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