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Ahumado Hibisco Cocktail Recipe

This post is written in partnership with Pure Leaf

The most festive season of the year is on the horizon, and we’re ready to celebrate.

Of course a pretty, red cocktail is in order and this one knocks it out of the park with a light, smoky mezcal and Pure Leaf Cherry Hibiscus Herbal Tea. Made with ginger juice or liqueur, this three-ingredient cocktail balances striking character and utter simplicity

And despite its holiday facade, it’s truly a cocktail for all seasons. We think you’re going to love it. 

Inspired by History

The Ahumado Seco is a cocktail created at the restaurant La Condesa in Austin, Texas The name literally translates to “dry smoke,” with the mezcal’s smokiness balanced on the edges of a tart hibiscus tea, and the sweetened spiciness of a ginger liqueur.

Working with Pure Leaf’s Cherry Hibiscus Herbal Tea, we’ve leaned into the history of the original cocktail but taken a pivot. Meet the Ahumado Hibisco, a departure from a straight hibiscus agua fresca, welcoming instead a more balanced and nuanced blend. 

Why Pure Leaf Cherry Hibiscus Herbal Tea?

There’s no need to make your own Hibiscus agua fresca; Pure Leaf’s Cherry Hibiscus Herbal Iced Tea is already the perfect compliment to the mezcal in this gorgeous drink. And thanks to the balanced flavor, the mellow hibiscus tones don’t overwhelm or dominate.

The surprise of the cherry is also a delight alongside the mezcal’s vanilla and the ginger’s vibrant warmth. This is, indeed, one memorable cocktail! 

What Is Mezcal?

Actually a niche spirit that’s a category unto itself, mezcal is the agave plant made drinkable. Where tequila – a mezcal which can only be made from blue agave – is typically distinguished by its age, mezcal’s embrace of 30 different agave plants gives it a range of taste and terroir that are worth exploring. 

Commonly associated with a smoky aroma and flavor, there can be a surprising elegance and complexity in a good mezcal, with soft finishes and subtle hints of honey, vanilla, and even ginger. 

Ginger Juice or Ginger Liqueur?

You can use either in this cocktail! Ginger juice should be relatively easy to find at most well-stocked specialty grocery stores or see about ordering a ginger liquor like Domaine de Canton, a medium-proof blend of Vietnamese baby ginger and cognac that has both kick and sweetness.

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