Allow alternative medical practices to operate during first phase of NRP, says Lee Lam Thye


PETALING JAYA: The practice of alternative medical therapy such as traditional or complementary medicine should be allowed to operate under the first phase of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), says Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

The Alliance for Safe Community chairman said cancer patients undergoing alternative medical treatment are now being denied access to traditional and complementary medicine due to the NRP.

“The Health Ministry has long recognised traditional medicine that is useful and legitimate, and even has a division within it to handle issues connected with this branch of medical treatment.

“How can the provision of traditional medicine be disrupted at this time when their services are still needed for patients under treatment?” he said.

Lee said the Association of Chiropractic Malaysia has also echoed the need for alternative medicine to be allowed to operate as it is an essential primary healthcare service.

He said patients who have been undergoing treatment at chiropractic clinics before the NRP are now being denied the follow-up service that they need.

“Chiropractic practitioners provide treatments to a range of patients suffering from acute and chronic pain and conditions, such as acute low back pain, neck pain, chronic lower back pain, headache, scoliosis, and slipped discs, among others.

“If their conditions are left untreated, they may need to be admitted to a hospital or visit a medical facility for surgery, or other invasive procedures and/or medication,” he said, adding that by allowing chiropractic practitioners to provide their services, they will be alleviating the stress to the country’s healthcare system.

Lee urged that the government allow these services to resume with strict standard operating procedures.

“Association members are keen to play their part to fulfil a basic healthcare need at a time when every bit of assistance is welcomed by the rakyat facing unrelenting challenges and difficulties,” he said.

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