SABAH NEWS – 10 Ways You Can Support Alvis Today


I’m N54 Candidate for this Sabah State Election.

I respect the different Political Views of all my friends and family. As I wish Malaysia is heading towards more civilized, Fair and Safe Election, which we talk more about development plans and how We can make our homeland Greater. I’ve been committed to make Sabah Greater through NGOs and Business Networks. In Politic, I definitely can do far more impactful positive changes.

10 Ways You can Support Alvis Today

1. Vote For Alvis Loo Mun Yew at 26Sept

2. Share Alvis’s profile to Sandakan friends/family

3. Connect Alvis to Sandakan influencial leaders in Chinese and Bumiputera Community

4. Like Alvis’s FB Page

5. Like PCS FB Page Covering KK & Sandakan

6. Give personal Testimonial to Alvis (written or video)

7. Give Alvis encouragement & constructive advices

8. Donate in Kind (Masks, Sanitizer, Hand-wash) as we are donating to Schools in Sandakan, especially Polling Stations.

9. Join Alvis Campaign Team in Sandakan (need more photographers, videographers, PACA Counting Agent etc.

10. Donate to Alvis’s campaigning fund
Maybank 162227358028 Loo Mun Yew

Your kind support to me Today is not just for me but for greater Sabah and eventually Malaysia and the World.

Give a chance to Alvis, Young Passionate Competent Leader with Good Values to make Sabah towards Sustainable Tourism Hub and more Liveable Homeland for our GrandChildren.

Thank you for your support in advance.

Alvis 卢文耀
Loo Mun Yew
Calon No.2
N54 Karamunting