‘Anandaveli’ to the rescue: Pet puppy saves family of five from fire


IPOH: A family of five have their pet puppy “Anandaveli” to thank for saving their lives when its constant pulling of its owner’s hair and clothes alerted her to a fire at her house in Teluk Intan.

During the incident on Wednesday (June 23) at 5am, the eight-month-old puppy saved the lives of A. Vimala, 53, her 58-year-old semi paralysed husband and three children, aged between 18 and 23.

Recalling the incident to Pasir Bedamar assemblyman R.N. Terence Naidu who visited the family, Vimala said she was fast asleep in the living room of her single-storey terrace house in Eastern Garden while her husband was sleeping in the last room nearer to the kitchen.

“I felt my hair being pulled, then my face and ears being bitten and my clothes being tugged.

“I realised that it was my female puppy and thought she was thirsty.

“Instead of going away, it started to pull even harder at my clothes, so I immediately got up and was shocked to see the middle portion of my house on fire,” she said.

Vimala said she screamed loudly and called out to her children to run out of the house.

She said as the fire started to rage, she realised that her husband was still inside.

“Our youngest son then rushed back inside to rescue his father.

“Our whole house was destroyed within minutes before the firemen arrived,” she said.

Vimala’s husband N. Marimuthu said he was grateful that their puppy saved all of them in the nick of time.

“The puppy is very close to my wife. She would only sleep next to her and will wait for her to come home daily,” he said.

Terence presented provision and emergency aid to the family.

“I will help them to apply for aid from the district disaster relief fund, as well as temporary accommodation,” he said, adding that dogs are man’s best friends, so the public should be kind to animals.

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