Apple has filed a patent to watch 3D content without special glasses or headset


Apple has filed a patent with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for the ability to watch 3D images without special glasses. It’s hard to know if such technology could ever be integrated into an iPhone or iPad, but the desire to get rid of headphones or glasses to enjoy 3D content seems to be something Apple’s engineers are keen to develop.

Will it be possible to display a 3D image one day without wearing a special pair of glasses? Or to enjoy virtual reality content without a dedicated headset? That’s what Apple wants to do, and a new patent registered with the USPTO points in that direction.

The idea of the technology is to modify how the pixels are displayed on the screen so that the left and right eyes see two different things and that the rendering visualised is therefore in three dimensions.

The display modified this way on the screen could make it possible to immerse oneself in virtual or augmented reality content without any other particular equipment.

This patent, freshly registered at the USPTO, dates from 2019. As with any patent, there is no indication that this technology will ever be integrated into any Apple product. – AFP Relaxnews

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