As e-commerce booms, couriers caution over unregulated sub-licensees


KUALA LUMPUR: The Association of Malaysian Express Carriers (AMEC), which represents the courier industry, has expressed concern over the stiff competition from unregulated sub-licensees riding on the e-commerce boom.

AMEC said in a statement on Friday it was concerned about the business sustainability due to stiff competition from these unregulated sub-licensees coming from foreign entities within the local industry players.

It said these sub-licensees seem to be profiting from this scheme of arrangement which can cause abuse and misuse if there are no proper checks and balance and if there is no proper control.

“As a result, it has created an unfair playing field for our local industry players. At the present, the courier industry is riddled with price dumping and service quality issues. This presents an unsustainable operating environment for industry players, ” it said.

AMEC also said while an independent postal forum has been established to narrow down complaints as well as improve service quality and timeliness, time is of essence for heightened response and rectification of unsustainable practices.

As such, it is imperative that reforms are pushed and forward-looking policies are established as soon as possible, it said.

AMEC advised the public to be cautious in dealing with companies which carry out such unhealthy and unprofessional practices.

It urged the public to raise and address such issues to the relevant agency such as Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

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