Asia’s Best Tech Award You should Join in 2020

Asia's Best Tech Award

TechEX Asia is working to keep Asian talents inside Asia and use them for good. They are looking for the genuine talents of websites and mobile apps developers from Asia by organizing Asia’s Best Tech Award in 2020.

TechEX Asia is a platform that recognizes the talent and effort of the best web and mobile application designers, developers, and agencies in the region.


The best of best 3 will get excellent publicity in the brand’s presence like Amazon, Microsoft, and many more, they will receive a chance to work with multinational companies, exposure to their businesses in the presence of various media platforms around Asia.

TechEX Asia Asia's Best Tech Award

1st 1000 participants will stand a chance to purchase “Pay once, use forever” JAGOLE business account at $99.99.

1st prize will be worth $30000 that will include many things to help set up business on a professional level. They will hold the award ceremony at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. 

The competition is happening in 3 categories 

  1. Corporate websites
  2. Individual websites
  3. Mobile application

Requirements for the competition-

✔️One of the important requirement is, nominees websites or apps can’t be developed by Jagole

Other requirements

  1.  Websites or apps need to be created/owned by a registered company in Asia.
  2. Websites or apps must support the English language.

TechEX Asia Asia's Best Tech Award

Important dates to remember-

  1. Nomination period: 15th May 2020 to 30th Sept 2020
  2. Announcement of the awardees: 15th October 2020
  3. Awards giving ceremony: 29th October 2020 (World Internet Day)

This is a grand opportunity for new startup businesses as well who are looking for a great platform to let the world know about their innovative business plan. 

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