‘Better late than never!’: Malaysians look forward to lockdown but some want more details


PETALING JAYA: Many Malaysians on social media welcome the government’s announcement on Friday (May 28) of a nationwide full lockdown, similar to the first movement control order in March of last year.

Scheduled to take place from June 1 to 14, all sectors, except essential economic and service sectors, will not be allowed to operate during this period.

Optimistic Malaysians are calling for the people to stand united and play their part in flattening the Covid-19 curve, once again.

“Fellow Malaysians, let’s put aside all disagreement, let’s make it work… for our better future,” said Facebook user Justin Anson.

Samantha Tan echoed the call, saying that she’s “super grateful” for the decision.

“No complaints (from me)! Let’s do it Malaysians. Now or never. We couldn’t afford any more death and infections,” she said.

Over on Instagram, user Nasi Lemak urged Malaysians to follow all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) as best as possible so that the nation can get rid of Covid-19 once and for all where everyone may then go back to how things were.

“Finally, this will be very painful for many, but I believe this is the best approach that we all have to take before Covid-19 goes spiralling out of control. We can do this, Malaysia. Stay strong, stay positive, stay at home,” said Instagram user Muhamad Za’im Mahadi.

Aditya Willie said Malaysia could have implemented this earlier, before adding that it’s “better late than never”.

Despite agreeing with the decision, Facebook user Thiru Senthan said the state of Covid-19 infections in Malaysia wouldn’t have been in its current state if “this was implemented right at the beginning”.

Tommy Low sang a similar tune when he said; “What could have been solved in four weeks now needs much much longer. I pity those roadside kiosks… no business.”

However, not everyone on social media is taking the announcement positively.

Seemingly sceptical, Facebook user Shoddy Singh said he will choose to wait and see what is categorised under the essential economic services first before drawing any conclusions.

Willie Huan was also doubtful, saying that it’s “just another name”, predicting that all economic sectors will be opened later.

There are also those who have more questions following the announcement, like Instagram user Nor-ain Ambolodto Guiapal who went directly for the big question out of fear for the poor.

“Is the government giving financial aids during these difficult times?” she asked.

Similarly, Noel Then Yun Sen also asked if the government will be providing “any financial help for the business that’s unable to open”.

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