Beware of Macau scam syndicates posing as tax officers


KUALA LUMPUR: The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) has warned the public against Macau scam syndicates posing as tax officers, as there have been 556 cases recorded so far this year.

Based on information from the Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) Macau scam cases involving scammers who posed as LHDN officers have resulted in RM15.26mil in losses from Jan 1 and May 27 this year.

“The scammers will call victims and claim to be LHDN officers and tell them that their business or company has unpaid taxes.

“The victims will be referred to fake police officers or fake officials from Bank Negara or other agencies, and urge victims to make a ‘report’,” LHDN said in a statement on Monday (June 7).

The official will then say they are involved with illegal money laundering or drug trafficking.

“Victims will be instructed to divulge their banking details and some only realise they have been duped when their money has been transferred to another account, and the caller cannot be reached any more,” read the statement.

LHDN urged the public to verify any phone call, email or letter said to be from them.

“They can either call Hasil care line or LHDN officers, whose numbers can be obtained via the LHDN website ( or go to the nearest LHDN office for verification.

“LHDN will never discuss matters pertaining to taxes via a personal phone call.

“Any request for information or notice of overdue taxes will be done through official means such as letters or email which uses the domain,” LHDN said.

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