Bung takes to social media to explain following ‘turtle egg’ controversy


KOTA KINABALU: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin posted photos of him on Facebook holding three half-boiled chicken eggs following the “turtle egg” controversy.

He uploaded several photos of himself holding the eggs and sarcastically wrote “there are still some unfinished eggs left, let me upload this myself. No need to wait for others to edit and play politics”.

He also included a Malay proverb in his Facebook post, which means “do not try to fight (or challenge or compete) if your knowledge is just that much”.

Bung came under fire Friday morning (June 25) when a photograph of him having a meal with a plate of what looked like turtle eggs on the dining table.

The photo was first shared by Tanjung Aru assemblyman Datuk Junz Wong.

Later, a man who was seen with Bung, explained that the photo was his, but it had been edited by irresponsible parties.

Bung had replied on the comment’s section, saying the accusations were defamatory, manipulated by irresponsible parties to ruin his political career and to bring him down.

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