Business Digitization Transformation Programme


Business Digitization Transformation Programme is open for registration and it will kick start with selected 100 individuals from 1 June to 21 June. During these 21 days, guaranteed that your businesses will have digitization transformation!

The programme is led by head coach Mr. Jay Chong, a successful technopreneur in Malaysia at his young age, who initiated World Typing Day (make us proud), won international awards from Microsoft ImagineCup to Malaysia IHL Business Plan Competition, and being featured as Successful People in Malaysia by Britishpedia (2019), author of Technology Simplicity (can get his book via Google Play Book too!)!

Believe it or not, the programme is FREE as head coach Mr. Jay Chong believed in “Be Giver, Not Taker” and recently despite covid19 critical time, everybody need to digitize their businesses but they faced challenges where to begin.

This programme is specially designed for start-ups, SMEs, freelancer or individual who wished to digitize their existing businesses.

21 Days programme will cover from digital marketing techniques (demonstration included), digital sales process to CRM. More than 50 tools and software will be introduced and guided! This is once per life time opportunity to learn all skills by the legendary IT guru from Malaysia!

Registered participants will get notify whether they’re selected or not on Monday 11am (UTC+8) and those selected will be added to Official Jagole Masterclass Group to kick-start the programme!

The only downside of this programme is there are limitation to 100 individuals as head coach philosophy is “No One Left Behind” and larger than 100 will be challenging for whole group to learn and grow together.

For those that interested, you may visit their official website for more information: