Calling all unemployed, healthy Malaysians… the security industry needs you


PETALING JAYA: Unemployed Malaysians who are healthy may consider becoming security guards, says the Security Industry Association of Malaysia (PIKM).

PIKM president Datuk Seri Ramli Yusuff said the lockdown has had a profound impact, and for some, it has been negative, such as unemployment.

“While nobody would choose to go through this crisis, the effect it has had on some people saddens us. In these hard times, it is not always the strongest person that survives, it is sometimes the most adaptable.

“Rather than looking at hardships, the association would like to urge those who are healthy and willing to work as security guards to engage with the association,” he said in a statement on Tuesday (June 22).

Ramli said this in reference to a story that The Star carried on June 15, where a former security guard in Melaka became homeless after losing his job as a security guard when the company he worked for wound up due to the pandemic.

With this, Ramli noted that they would be able to guide those who need jobs to meet with the association’s representatives at the respective states, who would be able to identify legitimate security companies that are hiring.

“The association is not suggesting that its offer is the perfect fit for everyone, but it seems like a small step can make a meaningful difference for some people out there.

“As for PIKM members, this is a time when security companies need to be flexible and compassionate. This is not an experiment that any of us opted into, but it’s an opportunity to do some good for society and do our bit to assist the government, whilst the companies can secure resources,” he said.

PIKM represents 900 security companies licensed by the Home Ministry.

Those requiring help can contact the PIKM secretariat at 03-7804 7359 / 7804 1733 or email [email protected].

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