Checking if that tomato paste can still be eaten


Months in the past, you opened a tube of tomato paste and squeezed a bit right into a sauce.

Since then, it’s been ready and ready behind your fridge, till, finally, you lastly bear in mind it was there.

Can you still use it?

That all will depend on the way you’ve stored it, says Andrea Danitschek from Germany’s client recommendation centre within the state of Bavaria.

Most pastes will hold for a number of months after opening, however solely if the situations are hygienic.

The drawback is: It’s simpler than you’d suppose to infect a tube of tomato paste.

Touch the opening of the tube together with your fingers, and undesirable micro organism will seemingly unfold, she says.

The similar goes for any bits of meals that may come into contact with the opening or cap whilst you’re cooking.

Keeping it within the fridge as soon as it’s been opened is all the time a good suggestion, as this can each protect the flavour and decelerate the expansion of any germs.

If your tomato paste is in a tin and never a tube, then switch it to a screw-top jar or another container when you open it.

This will defend it from atmospheric oxygen and scale back the microbial progress of undesirable germs.

Make certain to make use of a clear spoon or knife to switch the paste, as you don’t need any traces of meals getting blended up and contaminating issues.

Not certain if your tomato paste is still edible?

Put a small pattern on a spoon and maintain it as much as the sunshine.

If you can’t see any mould and it smells high-quality, style it.

If it tastes in any respect musty or like yeast, bin it: it’s spoiled. – dpa

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