Childcare centres for children of frontliners on par with those overseas


KUALA LUMPUR: The provision of childcare centres for children of frontline staff currently being studied by the Health Ministry (MOH) is in line with standard operating procedures (SOPs) implemented overseas.

Special adviser to the Prime Minister on Public Health Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood said the SOP was reviewed through best practices implemented by the Centre for Disease Control, in the United States and the United Kingdom.

“Over there the focus is on the children of healthcare workers because they need to work in the frontline and their children need to be well cared for.

Dr Jemilah was commenting on allegations of discrimination against children of frontliners, particularly those of hospital staff at a childcare centre, where they were placed in a designated space.

“It not only requires efforts from the government and the private sector, but from everyone. So, the people themselves have to accept that our lives are not the same as before. We have to live according to the new normal. We should take preventative measures by distancing ourselves for one metre, and when possible to use face masks in public places,” she said. – Bernama