Church Of Choppers Custom Indian FTR1200S shown


Unveiled during The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon, US, the Church of Choppers Custom FTR1200S is shop owner Jeff Wright’s take on the flat tracker style motorcycle. Based on an Indian Motorcycles FTR 1200S, the Church of Chopper’s (CoC) extensively reworked FTR1200S is Wright wanting to make a statement with his hands rather than using his wallet to build a “catalogue custom” motorcycle.

Wright had a clear idea of what he wanted from the FTR1200S and since the bike would only be ridden by himself, the rear sub-frame was replaced with a new cut and shortened unit for a solo setup. One major change to the stock FTR1200S was a conversion to a traditional twin shock absorber setup instead of the original monoshock design.

This necessitated the fabrication of a new swing, following the form of the original steel frame unit, but inverted. New sub-frame and shock absorber mounting were fabricated and welded on while mounting tabs deemed unnecessary for the build were shaved off and smoothed down.

Twin Ohlins shock absorbers were then installed at the back, matched to a pair of Ohlins front forks. The stock Brembo brake callipers from the FTR1200S were retained for the CoC build, but red brake lines were used to match the overall colour theme of the bike.

Powercoated in contrasting red and black, the frame and swingarm of the CoC FTR1200S were then adorned with hand-formed fibreglass bodywork, with graphics and paintwork by Jeff and Dana Harrison. Rounding out the build are Gilles reasets, clip-on handlebars, Domino grips and a titanium Racefit “Longhorn” Growler exhaust.

Twin Led headlights were taken from the Indian Motorcycle parts list and installed, giving the CoC FTR1200S that endurance race bike look. For Malaysia, news is the Indian Motorcycle franchise for Malaysia has been taken over by a new distributor, with an announcement coming soon.

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