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Claim of ‘only helping the rich’ irks Jimmy

Claim of ‘only helping the rich’ irks Jimmy

TAWAU: “Those who are saying I am not doing a good job distributing the food aid to the people, please come out, I will surrender my ‘YB-ship’ to you…prove you can do better than me. If you can’t, then shut up and help the people”.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department cum Sri Tanjong assemblyman Datuk Jimmy Wong issued this challenge yesterday to “those trying to mislead the people by spreading negative comments that he (Jimmy) is only helping the rich”.

“I advise those playing political agenda to stop misleading the people and spreading negative comments that we are only helping the rich. These people are more dangerous than the Covid-19, don’t get infected by them, we need more positive force that comes out and help the people,” he said.

He said the accusation that his team is serving the rich will not discourage them as they are working to get the aid to the people who deserve it, be it rain or shine.

Jimmy said his house-to-house policy started from the villagers and had covered 1,400 houses in about one week. From there he said they went to the low-cost housing and had covered more than 90 percent.

“Registration will take time so we use common sense going to the middle class staying at terrace houses and at the same time advise those who are rich not to take the aid so that those in need will not be left out,” he said.

He said he was also disappointed to hear that people staying in semi-detached houses scolded his task force team as they were not given any aid.

“My policy is clear, we only serve up to the middle-class those who are staying in terrace houses, if you are staying in semi-detached and bungalow house you must have special condition to receive the aid. The condition is also the recipient must be a Sri Tanjong voter,” he said.

For more than three weeks, he said his team has already covered more than 6,500 families and now adding the police families the target is about 7,000 with almost all residentials already covered.

“Now we are targeting those staying at shophouses in Sabindo, Fajar, Megah, so long as they are Sri Tanjong voters, they have the top priority. I expect those who are very well off should not expect to get the aid and hope more rich people will come out and help the poor people and don’t expect one or two assemblymen to cover everything,” he said adding everyone should also know that members of parliament can also help apart from the assemblymen.

Most important, he said, “you must send or show your MyKad to be verified as Sri Tanjong voter, however some are even lazy to send their MyKad for verification.”


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