PETALING JAYA: The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) has listed 10 websites believed to offer services to incorporate companies or register businesses which are, however, not directly linked to the statutory body.

In an announcement on Facebook, SSM reminded members of the public to beware of such websites as they are managed by unverified third parties.

Among the websites it listed are “renewssmonline.com.my”, “www.ezbiz.online” and “www.ezbiz.my”. It has also labelled these websites as fake Ezbiz Online portals.

SSM stated that the official website for matters related to business registration under the statutory body is only at ezbiz.ssm.com.my.

It has also released information announcing the fee for various services on Ezbiz Online, such as RM30 to use an applicant’s name as stated in IC for new business registration.

A search on Google using terms like “register SSM” produced a listing of various websites using SSM’s logo, which variously claim to provide services such as facilitating the renewal of SSM licenses or a change in business information, among others.

Some sites claimed that the application process can be completed in just 10 minutes and asked users to make payments through these websites. However, SSM in its Customer Charter for Ezbiz Online stated that it takes three working days to process an application.

Some of the websites were also displayed as Ads, indicating it is being advertised to appear in Google search results for specific keywords. Keying in personal information or making payment on fake websites puts users at risk of being targeted by criminals for such crimes as fraud or identity theft, according to cybersecurity companies like Kaspersky.

In August, SSM also listed 12 websites bearing names such as “www.facebokk.com/SSMrenewal” and “www.senangssm.com” which it said are not managed by the statutory body. It reminded users that the there is only one official Ezbiz website.

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