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I understand the decisions that have been taken. They’ve obviously been discussed at National Cabinet on many occasions and I’ve had many discussions with Premiers about them. The cases in different states are very different.

Obviously, the New South Wales and Victorian border was a discussion that I was directly involved in with both Premiers and we’ve been quite involved in supporting both of the states to ensure that those borders work as best as they can.

They’re incredibly disruptive, though, and I appreciate the work particularly New South Wales has done recently in making things a bit more workable, particularly for those working in the agricultural sector.

I’m working with all of those Premiers who have borders at the moment on ensuring that Australians can get medical access. I thank Premier Marshall for the work he’s done with me, as well as the New South Wales Premier most recently.

We’re dealing with those on a case-by-case basis and making some progress there.

I understand what they’re seeking to do, but it’s important that all Premiers act on the basis of transparent medical advice.

You know, if there’s going to be these border arrangements in place, they will, of course, have very serious impacts on the economies of their states and the livelihoods of those who live in those states and businesses and jobs.

And that all has to be weighed up. And that’s the decisions they’re taking and they need to be transparent with the Australian people about it.

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