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In the UK, stress and exhaustion from the Covid-19 crisis threaten to intensify burnout among women working in the NHS just as it prepares to resume most services, according to a survey that has prompted calls for greater support for female staff.

The pandemic had amplified alleged bullying, sexism and racism on the part of managers, , some workers also warned, while 26% of women said they did not feel safe sharing personal concerns with their boss.

This was especially true for staff from a minority ethnic background, who also reported feeling traumatised by the disproportionate impact of the virus, said the Health and Care Women Leaders Network of the NHS Confederation, which carried out the survey:

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In the UK, some families have abandoned balanced meals for lack of money during the coronavirus crisis, while many have faced physical and mental problems, according to a report.

Researchers from the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and the Church of England (C of E) spoke to parents who said they had been forced to sell possessions to protect their children’s quality of life, and found that 80% of poorer families surveyed felt they had become worse off financially since the lockdown began.

The findings underline the disproportionate strain being placed on the poorest households as the UK struggles to deal with the pandemic. In June the Resolution Foundation said that while many low-income families were turning to credit cards to get by under lockdown, many higher-income households were able to save more money as their costs fell:

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