Covid-19: 85% of hospital beds in Klang Valley being used, says Health Ministry


PETALING JAYA: The Health Ministry is increasing hospital bed capacity in the Klang Valley for Covid-19 treatment after reaching 85% usage this weekend, says the Health Ministry.

The ministry also said more beds would be set up for Covid-19 patients in categories three to five at Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL).

“Of the overall Covid-19 cases handled by HKL, a total of 71% were Category 3 to 5 patients.

“Based on records, HKL’s emergency and trauma department had been receiving between 60 and 70 Category 4 Covid-19 patients daily,” Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba said in a statement uploaded with a Health Ministry tweet on Sunday (July 4).

He said that three patients from Category 4 and 5 required ventilator assistance while others under Category 5 were being treated at the intensive care unit.

To manage the situation at HKL, he said stable Covid-19 patients will be transferred to the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital and Respiratory Rehabilitation Institute.

He added that several other hospitals and low-risk quarantine centres would treat lower category Covid-91 patients before they require admission to the hospitals.

In an effort to increase bed capacity, particularly beds at intensive care units, Dr Adham said it was agreed on Saturday (July 3) to allow outsourcing of non-Covid-19 patients to private hospitals to allow public hospitals in the Klang Valley to handle more cases.

He added that more ventilators and related equipment would be sent to the hospitals in the Klang Valley to help them cope with the recent increases in patients.

Dr Adham also said that medical specialists and paramedics from other states will be reassigned to help hospitals under the ministry and the University Training Hospitals where needed.

He said that a portion of experienced nurses serving at vaccination centres would also be redeployed to the hospitals.

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