Covid-19 patients, frontliners can break fast

Covid-19 patients, frontliners can break fast

KUCHING: The Sarawak Fatwa Board has decided that Covid-19 patients, both under surveillance (PUS) and investigation (PUI), are required to break their fast if it causes them harm.

State Mufti department director Mual Suaud said this also applies to those infected by the virus and showing symptoms.

“If it brings harm to them, and based on the doctor’s advice saying they cannot fast, then they are required to break their fast.

“The same also applies to frontliners who are battling Covid-19. If they are scared of losing focus in exercising their duties when fasting, they are required to break their fast.

“However, they have to replace it (fasting days) with another day from other months in the year,” he said in his weekly sermon on Facebook Live yesterday.

Mual said it was demanded that Muslims protect the sanctity of the fasting month by not eating and drinking in front of others openly.

On the payment of zakat fitrah, which is a charity taken for the poor before the end of Ramadan, he said the Fatwa Board also decided that those unable to pay were not obliged to issue zakat fitrah this year.

“It is not compulsory for the person to issue zakat whether it is for himself, or others in his care,” he said.

Mual further defined “unable to pay” as those who are poor, and that whatever they have were needed for them to continue their daily lives.

“The most important thing is the sincerity in performing Allah’s wishes, as He knows what happens to us,” he said.

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