Covid-19: Teachers declining vaccinations have health reasons, says Sibu Teachers’ Union chairman


SIBU: Teachers here who have declined the Covid-19 vaccine have their own health reasons, says Sarawak Teachers’ Union’s Sibu Division chairman.

Yong Sie Hing said those who declined included female teachers who are pregnant or are breastfeeding.

“There are also those who have allergic symptoms. I don’t have any data on how many teachers here who have rejected the vaccine and why they have done so. They might have their own reasons. Others might have allergic symptoms,” he said on Tuesday (June 22).

Yong said from his knowledge, most teachers had registered for the vaccine and were not against it.

“Those who have already been vaccinated are those who have comorbidities, including the elderly. A number of teachers aged 36 and below are in fact still waiting for their vaccination appointment.

We were told that they will receive their appointments in two months’ time, and this is good news,” he said.

Taking his school as an example, about 40% of the teachers are still waiting for their turn to be vaccinated, he said.

Recently, Sibu Division Disaster Management Committee coordinator Dr Annuar Rapaee said on Facebook Live that there are 150 teachers here who had rejected the vaccination.

In response to this, Yong said that it was not proper to highlight publicly that teachers are rejecting the vaccine without knowing the actual reasons.

“I feel that it is not right to talk openly of teachers declining the vaccine without knowing the reasons, as it will create a bad impression of the teachers,” he said.

Yong added that the STU also encouraged teachers to receive the vaccine but understood the situation if they declined due to certain acceptable reasons.

However, he wants the hesitant teachers to state their reason for declining the vaccine to the education department so that it could take suitable action.

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