Nowadays, people tends to be busy from dan until dusk.As a result,they do not take good care of their health.this may lead to many diseases.

As Covid-19 happen in Malaysia,we must stay at home.By working from home,many Malaysians have free time to do sport.As we can see,nowadays many people like to cycling.This is a good thing.

  There are many benefits by cycling.First of all,we can take good care of out health.Besides,we also can enjoy beautiful scenery that we do not notice before because we are too busy  .Also,we can spend more time with family and friends.

This a good sign that our  Malaysians will take good care of their health more.So that many Malaysians do not have obesity.The graph will decrease.It such a good thing to hear.

As a conclusion,we must have “me-time” to make sure out health are under control.Despite being so busy,we still can have free time as long as we try to make it happen.