Dental tools easy to get off the shelves


PETALING JAYA: It’s easy for faux dentists to cross off as actual ones. After all, they’ve all the gear that you’d see in an everyday dentist’s clinic.

And it’s so easy to purchase these gear although some could also be labeled as “controlled items”.

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They could be discovered on the shelves of virtually any ironmongery shop.

The Dental Act 2018 lists a number of dental gear that non-medical practitioners are barred from possessing.

These embody dental chairs, dental reducing models (electrical machine-powered tools similar to drills), dental forceps, syringes, dental mirrors and probes.

Still, these gear are overtly being offered to the public.

The Star discovered that the majority of the gadgets weren’t solely being offered on-line but in addition in lots of {hardware} retailers.“Not intended for medical use”, states the warning written behind a set of dental probes, mouth mirrors and tweezers that the reporter purchased from a well-known ironmongery shop.

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Cause for concern: It was found that most of the dental equipment were not only being sold online but also in many hardware shops. — YAP CHEE HONG/The StarCause for concern: It was discovered that the majority of the dental gear weren’t solely being offered on-line but in addition in lots of {hardware} retailers. — YAP CHEE HONG/The Star

Those who want to get these tools at cheaper costs can go for worldwide sellers, principally from China, on numerous on-line marketplaces.

What’s worrying is the indisputable fact that a few of these sellers are getting an encouraging variety of patrons.

“Express, the goods arrived so fast, I am fully satisfied. I will repeat my order,” mentioned considered one of the patrons in the assessment part.

Dr Iqbal Rosali, a member of the Medical Mythbusters Malaysia (Dental), warned the public towards utilizing uncertified dental merchandise and gear as security isn’t assured.

“We have no idea what materials are used in these dental products; we are also not sure if the equipment is of medical grade or if it can be sterilised,” he mentioned.

Health Ministry Oral Health principal director Dr Noormi Othman expressed concern over the matter.

“I am worried because when I go to some hardware stores, I can find almost everything (dental equipment), even suture needles.

“Why are we allowing untrained individuals to take matters into their own hands and attempt to become ‘doctors’ at home?

“My concern is also the possibility of infection because these equipment are not sterilised,” Dr Noormi added.

The Dental Act 2018 states that “any person, other than a practitioner, a medical practitioner or a dealer in medical or dental equipment, appliance or instrument, who has in his possession any one or more equipment, appliance or instrument commonly used in the practice of dentistry, shall be deemed to be pretending to be registered under this Act”.

Dr Noormi mentioned the ministry was now taking a look at methods to manage the sale of dental gear.

“We have to control the sale of dental equipment, especially online.

“The equipment should only be sold to those with valid practising certificates and if they are indeed practising,” she mentioned.

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