Discord has unveiled new features and more inclusive policies


For its 6th birthday, the Discord platform is investigating new possibilities for expanding its community. In its desire to grow, the American company aims to become more inclusive and more useful, in order to respond to the evolving needs of its users.

Discord continues to evolve and diversify. In its early days, Discord’s creators (Stanislav Vishnevskiy and Jason Citron) envisioned their platform as a place where gamers could help one another out and discuss issues. But things have changed a lot since 2015.

Throughout the pandemic, remote voice chat has become a huge part of our lifestyles. Discord has become a place to study, party, receive or give advice on new interests – in short a kind of 2.0 online forum.

And in order to continue to grow and satisfy its growing community, the American company is examining new formats while remaining true to the “random, unpredictable Discord” that users value according to their feedback.

Recently, Discord launched “Stage Channels”, which provides a way for large communities to host parties, audio events and live panels. The US company now offers “Stage Discovery”, a feature that allows you to explore these events without having to enter or leave the servers. You can simply test it quickly to see if it interests you and then find the voice channel you like.

Ticketed audio events?

In response to user demand, Discord is currently working on a project for events with paid admission. Along with “Stage Discovery”, tests will be conducted on paid tickets for audio events. So it could be possible to earn money on Discord.

For the moment, though, this is only in private beta and there’s no indication yet as to whether this feature will exist in the long run. Another new possibility is the release of “Threads” which will allow, like Slack, to have a thread of discussion that is easier to read and follow.

In pursuing its development, Discord is asserting that it is no longer only aimed at the gaming community but at all workers and other enthusiasts of these new communication methods. – AFP Relaxnews

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