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More news here on the California wildfires, where sadly it seems the death toll is up to seven, as the huge blazes burn on.

Fire crew made progress during the weekend, which saw a welcome break in the unseasonably warm weather and little wind. That allowed firefighters to increase what had been precious little containment.

But the forecast late on Sunday was ominous. The National Weather Service issued a “red flag” warning through Monday afternoon for the drought-stricken area, meaning extreme fire conditions including high temperatures, low humidity, lightning and wind gusts up to 65mph that “may result in dangerous and unpredictable fire behavior”.

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Lisa Lerer has been teeing up the RNC for her New York Times readers, and she makes two salient points in today’s On Politics newsletter. The first is that for more than one reason, this is a Republican convention like no other.

The Republican National Convention this week is hosted by the party, but it’s about one man: Donald J. Trump. Breaking with tradition, the president plans to speak every night during prime time. Speakers will include his wife, all of his adult children and some of his closest confidants. The main speeches will still be held before live audiences, potentially flouting public health guidelines in the District of Columbia, where parts of the event will be held. The stakes couldn’t possibly be higher.

There’s also no effort to change the narrative around the scandals surrounding his administration. Just last week, the architect of his last campaign was hauled away in handcuffs. And Mr. Trump is definitely raising ethical questions with his convention programming.

Both the president and his wife plan to speak from the White House grounds. The program includes several White House aides, like Kellyanne Conway, as well as secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who is violating a longstanding tradition that the country’s top diplomat avoid partisan politics. Ethics experts have criticized both the decision to stage the speeches at the White House and the involvement of aides like Ms. Conway, arguing that those decisions mix governing with partisan politics.

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