KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Government has begun processing payments of the RM300 cash assistance for eligible farmers, planters, breeders, fishermen rubber smallholders and palm oil smallholders, but many participants have yet to come forward.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Datuk Junz Wong said about 50,000 participants had yet to update their details.

“We have 169,628 names in our records consisting of 57,580 paddy and crop farmers, 30,162 fishermen, 490 breeders, 32,156 palm oil smallholders, 44,258 rubber tappers and smallholders, 3,800 cocoa planters and 1,182 KPD participants.”

“But to date, only 118,635 names have come forward. About 51,000 have not been identified, or not given their bank accounts or not updated their details.”
“We need every single farmer, planter, breeder, fisherman, rubber tapper, palm oil smallholder and so forth who are eligible for the assistance to come forward so that we have the correct details to process the payment.”

Junz urged the eligible participants to come forward by contacting the respective district offices through telephone.

“Please come forward and contact the respective district offices. The list of contact numbers is published on facebook.com/JunzWong or facebook.com/JunzWongSabah since Wednesday.

“The Sabah Government hopes to channel these funds as soon as possible to help you through the MCO,” he said.

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