Essential services allowed to operate while applications are processed, says Kuantan council


KUANTAN: Those providing essential services in Kuantan can continue operating while their applications are being processed, says the Kuantan City Council (MBK).

Its public and corporate relations section chief Norkamawati Kamal confirmed this, adding that the registration deadline was on Thursday (May 27).

It was announced recently that essential services in Kuantan would be required to register with MBK as the entire district was under enhanced movement control order until June 6.

Meanwhile, Semambu PKR coordinator Chan Chun Kuang questioned if MBK was prepared to screen tens of thousands of applications from the district.

He also said when MCO 1.0 was implemented in March 2020, the Kuantan Municipal Council made clear announcements through media statements and on Facebook about which premises or sectors were allowed to operate and asked why the same was not done this time.

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