‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’: A legal drama with a twist


Televsion director Yoo In-shik hopes to battle prejudices by presenting a story of a gifted lawyer who’s on the autism spectrum.

“Everything began as I watched Innocent Witness (2019), written by the screenwriter Moon Ji-won,” Yoo mentioned throughout a press convention in Seoul not too long ago.

In the movie Innocent Witness, a younger autistic woman (performed by Kim Hyang-gi) needs to develop into a witness, believing that she can not develop into an legal professional. This caught his consideration, Yoo recalled.

“The screenwriter of Innocent Witness presents a different story with Extraordinary Attorney Woo. I believe that valuable messages can be delivered through our new series,” the director added.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo centres round a beginner legal professional Woo Young-woo, seen as a genius, who’s on the autism spectrum. The collection exhibits the challenges Woo faces within the courtroom and past.

Actor Park Eun-bin, who featured in lots of hit drama collection, together with Stove League (2019), Do You Like Brahms? (2020) and The King’s Affection (2021), shared her struggles and concern starring within the collection as Young-woo.

“I did not know how to play Woo Young-woo when I first read the script. I was questioning myself about whether acting as a woman on the autism spectrum was appropriate. I had to make sure I did not have any prejudices that could influence my acting,” Park mentioned.

“I definitely did not want to create a stereotype for viewers who are encountering a character on the autism spectrum for the first time through the series. I tried to approach the character with caution and did a lot of studying,” the 29-year-old actor added.

According to the director, Extraordinary Attorney Woo focuses on the event of Young-woo, how she views the world and the way she influences these round her.

“Unlike many existing legal dramas that present conspiracies, violent action scenes and tense confrontation with villains, our series deals with many interesting subjects that may seem insignificant, like a revolving door at a building entrance,” Yoo mentioned, mentioning Young-woo‘s difficulties passing by means of the fast-spinning door in an early episode.

“Woo Young-woo is a person, who has taken her first step into society. I hope the viewers look forward to seeing how she views our world and becomes part of our society,” the director added. – The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is on the market on Netflix.

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