Facebook’s Zuckerberg drops off top CEO list, Glassdoor says


Mark Zuckerberg’s approval among some Facebook Inc employees has slipped, dislodging him from Glassdoor’s ranking of the Top 100 CEOs, a list he’s been on annually since 2013.

Worker sentiment on Zuckerberg, as measured by Glassdoor surveys taken by more than 700 Facebook employees between May 2020 and May 2021, declined particularly in the last months of 2020 and early this year, when Facebook was managing the aftermath of the US presidential election and misinformation around the Covid-19 pandemic.

While Zuckerberg still managed a rating of 88%, higher than the average 73% approval rating for CEOs generally, that wasn’t enough for the top 100 list, where Microsoft Corp’s Satya Nadella scores a 97% and Apple Inc’s Tim Cook scores 95%.

While the survey sampled a small portion of the company’s more than 60,000 employees, the rankings could have implications for Facebook recruiting. Job candidates often scan Glassdoor’s aggregation of open roles, employee salaries, ratings and reviews on potential workplaces for any red flags. When Zuckerberg first made the list, in 2013, he ranked no. 1, with 99% approval. Apple’s Cook is the only CEO to make the list all eight years, according to Glassdoor. – Bloomberg

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