Fans pumped by Wang Leehom’s Jack Sparrow look



MANDOPOP star Wang Leehom (pic) startled his fans when he uploaded a photo of himself with his hair in braids and with an unkempt beard on Instagram on his birthday, reported Sin Chew Daily.

In the photo, the 45-year-old was seen wearing a white shirt and getting his hair braided.

“To be honest, I don’t even remember the last time I shaved… or got a haircut, ” he wrote.

Many fans speculated that he had discarded his signature clean-cut look for a more rugged image.

While some commented that they would not have recognised him, others admitted that they liked his new look.

“He looks like Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. I think he should keep it up, ” one wrote.

> The daily also highlighted a woman in China who was finally reunited with her long-lost son after 29 years although they had to do so in prison.

The son’s biological parents, whose surname is Lee, submitted their blood samples to the Chinese Public Security Bureau in 2015 to find a match in their DNA database.

Although the father died in 2016, he made the mother promise that she would do whatever it took to locate their son who went missing from their home in Tunchang county, Hainan, in May 1992.

The bureau managed to match the DNA with a man imprisoned in Zhejiang province for homicide and arranged a meeting with the family.

When the man met the family on May 12, the mother recognised him immediately, crying: “Son, it’s mum!”Touched by the emotional reunion, the prison guards allowed them to take a family portrait together.

It was reported that the family had left their then five-year-old son at home alone in May 1992. When the parents returned at noon, the boy was nowhere to be found and they believed he was kidnapped.

The Tunchang county police were ordered to reopen the case.

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