Federal budget 2020 reaction: Coalition punts on business for Covid recovery as NSW grapples with three mystery cases – live update | Australia news


Well, we’re doing everything we can to get these numbers down and to be able to keep them down and then move to, um, a much better set of rules and find that Covid normal so it’s a Covid-normal Christmas, a Covid-normal summer and we can push into 2021 with that sense of certainty that we can maintain those numbers at a very low level.

There will be cases.

There will be outbreaks.

That’s just the nature of this thing and that’s the strategy that we’ve all signed up to. The intervening period, of corks between now and the end of the year, it’s not just the federal budget, there’ll be a state budget as well and I can assure every single Victorian it will be the biggest and most significant state budget that has been delivered in the history of this state, in terms of large projects and small opportunities for reform and change and real leadership in a number of very, very important areas.

That will all be about skills and jobs, confidence, investment, making sure that there’s a real spark in the Victorian economy and that we’ve got that momentum to take us through 2021, not just to repair the damage that this virus has done to all of us, as an economy, as communities, as families, but a plan to be better and stronger because of 2020.

There are opportunities, even amidst all the challenges we face, there are opportunities that would not have been available to us previously. Our budget will do exactly what the federal government did last night – follow the advice of the Reserve Bank governor, borrow to build, and use the strength of the state budget to protect household budgets. That’s exactly what we’ll do.

This is not the time for surpluses, and it’s not the time to ignore the fact that if you don’t borrow at historically low carrying costs, then you’ll make a bad situation worse. So to that extent, it I say well done to the commonwealth government. There are always things we could go back and forth on – whether we’ve got enough here or not enough there. I’m not interested in having those debates at the moment. We’re working side by side with the commonwealth government.

They’re out there as we speak, door-knocking people who are close contact, door-knocking people who are positive cases. We’re very grateful for their support and I just don’t think, you know, the kind of budget response, politics as usual – it doesn’t sit right for me at this time of state-of-disaster, state-of-emergency, but also we’re so close, we’re so close to seeing this strategy through, our budget will be just like the federal budget, following the advice of the Reserve Bank governor, borrow to build, because there’s simply no choice, and use the state budget to cushion and support and protect household budgets. That’s exactly what we will do.

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