Female gas cylinder supplier shocks netizens with her physical strength


CARRYING a gas cylinder is not any simple process. Lifting one wants a substantial amount of physical energy and vitality as a result of its excessive weight. But for 30-year-old Khairunissa, the duty is a bit of cake!

Yup, the Terengganu native is able to dealing with not one, not two however FOUR gas cylinders unexpectedly. In truth, she makes all of it look so easy when she is pushing the cylinders concurrently!

With over three years of expertise, Khairunissa is used to lugging two gas cylinders without delay and climbing up the steps to provide them to prospects who stay in residences. Aside from that, she additionally usually drives a forklift and a lorry.

However, this was not all the time the case. Before her husband’s passing, she had by no means bodily delivered gas cylinders to prospects.

“I work with my mother-in-law since my husband passed away. I was initially the forklift driver and all I had to do was to move the cylinders from the trailers,” stated the mom of two.

But since they lacked manpower, she stepped up and carry the obligations.

Now, she will ship as much as 60 to 100 gas cylinders in a day.

“I was embarrassed at first when I started to drive the lorry and carry gas cylinders. But all that faded in time and I don’t mind helping especially if the customers are women or elderlies.”

She additionally added that this job permits her to spend extra time with her two kids and her mother-in-law.

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