First Covid-19 disinfection tunnel in Sarawak


KUCHING: Centre of Technical Excellence (Centexs) Technology yesterday introduced the first made-in-Sarawak disinfection equipment called Covid Buster sanitation tunnel here at Plaza Merdeka.

Distributed by Centexs Commercial, the tunnel, also known as C-Mosh Sanitizer, is for visitors who want to enter a shopping complex or any commercial centres after going through temperature checks.

Centexs chief executive officer, Syeed Mohd Hussein Wan Abdul Rahman, said inside the tunnel people were misted with disinfectant to minimise the risks of either contracting or spreading Covid-19 virus.

“The user is exposed for 10 to 15 seconds of sanitation spray with chlorine dioxide solution imported from Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK).

“It is a proud moment for Centexs as, aside from the sanitation solution, the equipment is Sarawak-made,” he said.

Syeed added that the technology produces millions of mist mounds per hour in five-microns to 10-microns, for immediate and effective disinfection.

“Centexs has created 25 such sanitation tunnels so far, at a cost of around RM10,000 for the big ones — specially for buildings and commercial centres, while the small sizes for houses cost around RM5,400,” he said.

On whether Centexs will distribute them to other state divisions, Syeed said they would start first in priority areas such as Kuching and then they would move to other places soon.

Managing director of Plaza Merdeka Holdings Sdn Bhd, Datuk Steve Ng Thian Yew, said it was an honour that Centexs Technology and Centexs Commercial chose Plaza Merdeka to test the equipment at the building’s entrance and basement carpark.

Also present at the introduction event were director of Plaza Merdeka Holdings Sdn Bhd, Datin Anriza Wong Cordero, and general manager of Centexs Commercial, Mohamad Shahren Mohamad Yusri.