‘Gangnam Style’ hitmaker Psy to put out 9th album this year ‘no matter what’


Psy introduced that he’ll launch his ninth studio album subsequent year “no matter what.”

“I’ve had a lot planned for this year but decided not to put out the album thinking what meaning it would have without being able to host a concert. But next year, I will … no matter what situation would be like,” mentioned the musician in a music program that broadcast highlights from his 2019 live shows on Wednesday. His agency P Nation confirmed the assertion Thursday.

His eighth LP, 4X2=8, got here out in 2017 and the ninth album was initially deliberate for a 2019 launch.

“It has been two years since we realized how precious what we regarded as ordinary, normal. Hopefully, we could find what we lost over the two years back next year,” mentioned Psy, vowing to put on a present that will make the viewers ask for “more encores than ever.” – The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

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