Get back to business but observe SOP


KOTA KINABALU: Businesses should not be afraid to resume operations as long as they observe standard operating procedures (SOPs) in light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Health and People’s Wellbeing Minister, Datuk Frankie Poon encouraged operators to get back to business and assured that the government would provide support where necessary.

“Based on inspection we’ve carried out, many business premises still have not opened even though they are allowed to do. They may fear the risk of infection, which would then require them to close again. But if they adopt SOPs, the chances of actually establishing and having contact with Covid-19 are actually very minimum.

“We would like to emphasise and encourage that all eateries and shops should open up without worry. As long as SOPs are established and all is in place, there shouldn’t be a problem. The government would also provide support in terms of disinfecting premises, which should further ease operators’ worries.

“As for medical health, we understand that some are concerned about fees and such. But we assure that the government is very concerned about the seriousness of this virus and that anybody with any issues would be taken care of,” said Frankie.

Frankie reminded the public to continue maintaining social distancing, good personal hygiene and wearing face masks outdoors.

He also emphasised on the importance of proper disposal of used face masks, which he said could pose health risks if discarded carelessly.

“In connection with this, the Ministry is scheduled to launch a campaign on proper disposal of used face masks on June 5, aimed at creating awareness and educating the general public on proper disposal of used face masks,” he said.