Golf: Concerns over suspension of golf course maintenance


GOLF clubs in enhanced movement control order areas fear the worst, following the revision of the standard operating procedures (SOP) announced by the government.

In the latest update on the SOPs laid down, golf course maintenance in these areas has been suspended and left course management teams in a dilemma.

This news was conveyed to the golf clubs in a communiqué from Malaysia Golf Association (MGA) president Admiral (R) Tan Sri Mohd Anwar Mohd Nor yesterday (July 8).

He said: “All non-essential activities, including golf course maintenance, are not allowed to be conducted in enhanced movement control order areas as confirmed by the National Security Council and Ministry of Housing and Local Government on July 7.”

Speaking to The Star today (July 9), MGA secretary Datuk Zulkifli Ismail said they fully understood the predicament the affected golf clubs find themselves in and that they (MGA) were doing their best to help alleviate their plight.

“We will continue to appeal to both the National Security Council and the Ministry of Housing and Local Government with a view to getting the golf clubs in EMCO areas to conduct routine course maintenance with minimal staff and strict standard operating procedures.

“As this is an on-going process, we will inform our affiliates as and when we receive updates,” he added.

In his take on the matter, Golf Club Managers Association of Malaysia president Dr Ronnie Yeo Ngo Tee was a lot more forceful and urged for the immediate resumption of course maintenance in all areas.

“If immediate action is not taken to allow the golf clubs to conduct even limited routine course maintenance, it is most likely that some of the clubs will close shop,” said Yeo.

“The damage and devastation to the golf courses brought about by the suspension of course maintenance will be enormous, as is the livelihoods of the affected employees.

“We (the managers association) held virtual meetings with the MGA regarding this and made clear our concerns and the fears expressed by the golf clubs. We only hope that the MGA have taken this up with the relevant authorities, who must now act on it.

“Nobody wants to see golf clubs close down and the people – ordinary Malaysians – in the industry lose their livelihoods,” added Yeo.

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