Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport arrives in M’sia – from RM294

Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport arrives in M'sia - from RM294

Goodyear Malaysia has unveiled the latest addition to its range of tyres with the arrival of the Eagle F1 Sport, which is classified an ultra high performance (UHP) tyre. According to Goodyear, this tyre model is “a fun sports tyre option for the aspiring enthusiast”.

The Eagle F1 Sport tyre features the brand’s signature Eagle Claw tread design on the tyre’s shoulder tread blocks, where ActiveControl technology helps maximise contact patch and increase tread block stiffness to improve cornering stability and steering precision when tackling bends, says Goodyear.

The combination of the Eagle Claw tread design and a high-silica tread compound with an upgraded polymer matrix aids braking on both wet and dry surfaces, while an improved cavity shape offers a wider footprint for better contact and pressure distribution. This tyre is positioned below the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, which caters for sizes up to 22 inches.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport tyre size chart. Click to enlarge

This tyre is ideal for sporty passenger car owners who want to make their daily drive more exciting with improved handling and braking performance, and the Eagle F1 Sport also serves as an ideal tyre for upsizing as it has been designed to offer increased steering response, improved dry surface handling, enhanced cornering ability while giving the vehicle a more aggressive appearance, according to the company.

Beyond the performance aspects, the Eagle F1 Sport also features noise barrier strips made of rubber, which are placed between the ply and the liner in order to provide a quieter and smoother ride. This is complemented by narrower lateral grooves on the tyre to further reduce vibrations and road noise, says Goodyear. Wide rim flange protectors are also available to protect against accidental kerb damage.

Starting from RM294, the Eagle F1 Sport is available in 22 sizes ranging from 195/50R16 for the Toyota Vios and Yaris as well as the Proton Satria Neo, ranging up to the 245/40R18 for the Honda Accord and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, with prices up to RM678 for sizes up to 265/35R18. The Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport is now available at all Goodyear Autocare centres across Malaysia.

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