Govt urged to set up RCI to probe LRT crash


PETALING JAYA: A Royal Commission of Inquiry should be set up to probe the LRT collision that left over 200 passengers injured, Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) says.

Its president Muhammad Mohan said the findings should also be made public, with independent experts brought in.

“This is to ensure that a thorough investigation is done to find out not only the root cause of this crash, which resulted in injuries to the 213 passengers, but also to identify what other peripheral issues, including organisational failure if at all, were part of the problem.

“The comments in the media by the former special functions officer of a former transport minister, on the suspicion by many of a systemic or organisational failure, is something for the government to take into consideration.

“The RCI should make public its findings for the sake of transparency and accountability and also determine what corrective actions should be put in place, such as retraining and additional procedures to prevent such an unfortunate incident from happening again,” he said in a statement on Wednesday (May 26).

He also said Malaysians deserve to know the exact cause of the collision.

“Malaysians deserve to know who is accountable, if the public LRT system is safe, if there were any shortcuts, abuses or cover-ups. These are the questions that need to be answered and presented to the public transparently,” he said.

On Monday (May 24) night, a train under manual control that was undergoing testing had run into another that was carrying 213 passengers between the underground KLCC and Kampung Baru stations.

The incident left 47 people severely injured and 166 others with light injuries.

They were later sent to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for treatment.

As of Tuesday, three patients still remain in the intensive care unit of the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

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