‘Half Bad: The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself’ review: Bewitching, gory fun


A Young Adult (YA) darkish fantasy collection that does not make you wish to jam red-hot metal spikes into your eyes and ears after 5 minutes – sure, there’s one thing to be mentioned for Half Bad: The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself (henceforth, simply TBS), for certain.

And, whoa, it even has the audacity to get you hooked sufficient on its characters, their simple chemistry and pressing conditions to wish to hold watching.

Then, nonetheless within the comparatively early portion of its eight-episode debut season, it completely wows (and shocks, a bit, yeah) gorehounds with a visible impact in all probability not seen – at the least, not in such actually eye-popping element – in style reveals up to now.

(I can solely consider the ending to an early Brian de Palma movie, that won’t be named right here to keep away from attainable spoilers, that may rival this shot for sheer comparable OMG-ness.)

'The last gang I was in was savagely beaten up by some emo billionaire in a bat-suit, so I think we're doing pretty OK so far.'‘The final gang I used to be in was savagely overwhelmed up by some emo billionaire in a bat-suit, so I believe we’re doing fairly OK up to now.’

TBS is predicated on the noteworthy YA trilogy by Sally Green that started with the 2014 novel Half Bad, and showrunner Joe Barton (the superb, offbeat Giri/Haji) appears to have been trustworthy to the core story whereas making just a few changes.

The books advised of two factions of witches residing in modern-day Europe, the Black (thought of evil and principally distrusted) and White (the final inhabitants), residing amongst us mere fains (mortals).

Here, they’ve been modified to the Blood Witches and the Fairborn (by the way, the identify of a prized weapon within the e-book) respectively, in all probability to keep away from cancellation hashtags on social media.

Half of the titular combo, the… er, TBS, is Nathan Byrne (Jay Lycurgo, Tim Drake from Titans Season Three), virtually 17 and the son of Marcus Byrne, mentioned to be probably the most savage, highly effective and evil Blood Witch of all (probably the “TDH” within the title, although there are far more deserving varieties current).

Yeah, all this sounds slightly (cough) black and white however there’s actually a ton of nuance and revelations that may play havoc together with your perspective of the characters and factions.

Turning 17 is a vital time for witches, much more so for Nathan due to an odd prophecy that the Fairborn imagine in and the Bloods wish to forestall in any respect prices.

When he’s recruited for coaching as a Hunter (as in “witch hunt”, geddit), Nathan’s life modifications in methods he by no means dreamed of.

Barton and Co. (Andy Serkis is among the many government producers) hold shaking issues up a lot that we viewers are stored simply as off-balance because the poor lad and everybody round him.

'Did you bring me something nice from your travels? Like ... a dalmatian fur coat?'‘Did you carry me one thing good out of your travels? Like … a dalmatian fur coat?’

Like his destined-to-be-girlfriend Annalise (Nadia Parkes), the daughter of Fairborn chief Soul O’Brien (Paul Ready, The Terror); Nathan’s half-sister Jessica (Isobel Jesper Jones), who begins off antagonistic and turns into totally hateful by, oh, the season’s midway mark; and Gabriel (Emilien Vekemans), a Eurowitch who a good friend fairly precisely labelled as “form of a Belgian John Constantine”.

One grisly factor about this setting is how witches can steal each other’s powers by consuming their hearts – and yeah, you will want a robust abdomen to get by just a few scenes.

Sometimes, the “street journey” nature of most of this debut season does meander somewhat, however by no means up to now off {that a} well-timed burst of violence or humour (and tenderness, hardly ever however nonetheless there) cannot pull the present and the viewer again on observe.

This is earnestly acted, hard-nosed stuff that retains issues crackling proper until the final moments of the season and elevates itself properly above the miasma that canine the YA style. The spellcasting is coolly “matter-of-fact” and the dramatic moments impactful with out being overwrought. Let’s end adapting the trilogy we could, fellas?

All eight episodes of The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself can be found on Netflix.

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