Honda Malaysia offering 360-degree parking camera as option for HR-V and BR-V – retrofit possible, RM3,300


Honda Malaysia is now offering the option of a 360-degree parking camera for the HR-V and BR-V. As a genuine accessory, the “Honda Recommended Advanced 360 HD Camera” comes with a pre-fitted casing to ensure seamless installation for both models.

As with most 360-degree parking camera systems, there’s a camera each at the front, rear, left wing mirror and right wing mirror. The feed is stitched together to provide a “bird’s eye view” of the car on the central touchscreen head unit, helping you see around the car as it slots into tight parking spaces. It’s good help.

The parking camera system is an option for brand new cars, but can be retrofitted to current cars as well. Applicable models are the HR-V (all variants) from model year 2019 onwards, which means the facelifted version.

As for the BR-V, only the V variant is applicable; the base E doesn’t have an infotainment screen for the cameras anyway. The price is RM3,300 across the board, for all models. Before options, the BR-V is priced from RM86,726 to RM93,693, while the HR-V is from RM104,000 to RM118,854, on the road without insurance, with SST exemption.



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