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Hong Kong actor Moses Chan voted TVB’s nicest star

Hong Kong actor Moses Chan voted TVB’s nicest star

One hundred TVB employees were recently asked to pick who they think is “the nicest star in TVB on-and-off screen” for an episode of the station’s game show Family Feud.

Hong Kong star Moses Chan, 50, who has been with TVB for the last two decades, snagged the No.1 spot on that list.

A Singapore news portal reports that after the poll was conducted, some shared their own pleasant encounters with Chan.

Fellow TVB actor Luk Ho Ming – who came fourth on the same list – confessed he voted for Chan as well.

Luk recalled an incident involving Chan: “One time, after filming ended, I had to run to the bus stop. The bus was about to leave but Moses Chan helped to stop the bus and waited for me to get on. He’s seriously nice!”

A netizen who claimed to be Chan’s ex-neighbour wrote this about the Fashion War actor: “He always wished us a good morning with a smile on his face. He never avoided anyone’s eye contact, and would help to hold the lift door for us. He’s a really good man!”

Chan topped another list recently – he’s the top paid star in TVB. The Hong Kong broadcaster reportedly pays Chan HK$30mil (RM16.3mil) a year.

Even with all the fame and wealth he’s attained, like the nice guy he is, Chan sets equal priority to his family.

The husband to actress Aimee Chan and father to three children has been photographed fetching and sending his kids to school, and is said to take on household duties as well.

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