Home Community Entertainment Is it true that there are ways to make your tights last longer?

Is it true that there are ways to make your tights last longer?

Is it true that there are ways to make your tights last longer?

Millions of pairs of tights and pantyhose are thrown away every year, creating tonnes of waste and making this important accent one of the polluting objects in our wardrobes.

Fortunately, there are some ideas and tips that will help lengthen the lifetime of tights – and cut back the chance of holes and runs.

How many pairs of pantyhose have you ever thrown away after only one or two wears?

While manufacturers are attempting to supply extra resistant and long-lasting fashions, tights and pantyhose are nonetheless polluting, if solely due to their very brief lifespan… And that’s with out mentioning the very fact that they typically find yourself within the trash as a substitute of being recycled, which is much more dangerous to the planet.

To cut back the affect of this accent, with out having to hand over on this key piece of the womenswear wardrobe, right here are some tips that will help you make your tights last (a lot) longer.

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Put them within the fridge!

So, you have simply purchased that new pair of pantyhose that you have been wanting – and needing – and also you’re ready for the chance to put on them.

Patience being the mom of all virtues, it could possibly be preferable to put them within the fridge, and even within the freezer, earlier than slipping into your new buy. The thought could appear loopy, and but…

The energy of chilly is not to be confirmed, it appears, whether or not for the pores and skin, or for pantyhose, since it supposedly strengthens the fibre and the mesh, thus making your pair of pantyhose extra resistant.

This does not imply that they are going to be in a position to resist all of the challenges of on a regular basis life, however that they are going to be a lot much less delicate to the slightest snag.

Put them on rigorously

From the very first use – proper out of the packet – some sheer tights may give up the ghost. It’s due to this fact essential to pay explicit consideration to this delicate stage.

This means, after all, placing them on rigorously, with none rings or badly manicured nails. There’s no want to run out to the salon beforehand, however make positive that a bitten or badly reduce nail would not find yourself damaging your pair of pantyhose.

Note that it is best to all the time begin placing them on by the toes, then roll them up to the thighs, earlier than ending by the hips. That method, you do not danger damaging the fibre.

Watch out for snags!

Throughout the day, your pantyhose might be topic to quite a lot of hazardous conditions: the place you sit, crossing your legs – even riskier in case you put on heels – or rubbing in opposition to elements of your sneakers.

In truth, it’s not unusual to finish the day with a gap in your toe. To treatment this drawback, do not slip your pantyhose-clad foot instantly into your boots or sneakers, however add a sock that will defend the fragile fibre of the accent.

Hairspray or nail varnish for a fast repair

If, regardless of your greatest efforts, the worst occurs and your sheer tights have a run or a (small) gap in them, you possibly can cease issues getting worse, and cease the injury spreading, by spraying hairspray or placing a drop of clear nail polish on the broken space.

This will not restore the pantyhose, however it will cease the injury from getting worse.

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Don’t overlook to recycle

So you have finished the whole lot, tried the whole lot, however regardless of your greatest efforts, your pantyhose have come to the tip of their life.

Don’t fear, it occurs… even to the very best!

However, do not throw your used pantyhose within the trash, which is way too polluting. Instead, strive to recycle them. There are now numerous sorts of assortment factors that will enable you to give them a second life, in numerous ways. – AFP Relaxnews

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